Amount that an Employee and an Employer deposits into the PF account though same in value are treated differently .

The entire contribution of an Employee would be deposited into the PF account , where as, the Employers contribution would be split into two parts, 8% of the contribution would go towards Employee Pension and rest 92% into the PF account.

Some companies allow their employees to contribute more than 12% ,upto a limit of 24% of their Basic Pay. This additional contribution is known as VPF or Voluntary Provident Fund .Please note that Employers contribution would remain fixed at 12% of Basic pay.

To know the amount in your PF account through an SMS instantly , (for Bangalore the data is available up to March 2011)  follow the steps given below.

In case you have opted for VPF, this additional amount must also be reflected in the SMS

For Bangaloreans the PF Account Number format  is  KN/12345/98765  (KN/Establishment code/Account Number) . So enter 12345 in the third  Box, fourth Box is left blank and 98765 in the fifth Box of “Employee PF Account Number”  shown in image below.

  • 4) Enter your Name and Mobile Number, Agree to the Terms and Conditions and then click Submit.

You will get an SMS from EPFO : EPF Balance in A/C No. BG/BNG/12345//9876  is EE Amt : Rs XXXXX and ER Amt Rs:XXXXX as on (Account updated up to ).

EE = Employee Contribution (Includes VPF ) and ER = Employer Contribution on date(shown in Account updated date) mentioned in your SMS.