To Know your EPF account balance contact your Employer,Ex-Employer or PF Office

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91 thoughts on “To Know your EPF account balance contact your Employer,Ex-Employer or PF Office

  1. inform me regarding the status of PF in my A/c,herewith i am sending the details, MH/5354/135455, my name is sandeep tiwari, Mobile no. is 7894400405 .

    It is my request to you, pls, send me the details on my mobile the present status of balance till date in my PFaccount

    1. Hi Sandeep,

      2. Is this your old PF account or is this currently being used

      3. Think your PF regional office is BANDRA MUMBAI-I

    1. Hi Gagan,
      When you clicked submit did you see any error message ? Pretty much most of my colleagues receive a SMS without any problems , it may sometime take sometime , but they receive for sure.

      we had seen problems only in case of inactive PF accounts , never with any active PF accounts

  2. Hi,

    I got reply “STATUS for Member ID: BG/BNG/0016573/000/0031969”. But never got SMS. Also their are several options under Bangalore 😦

    Let me know if you can help.

    1. Hi Gagan,
      You mean to say you are choosing “BNG” just because you are in Bangalore ? You cannot do that . Only if your PF is being maintained by the PF office near Richmond Road then BNG is to be used . If you work near Electronic city or Peenya , there is every chance that your PF account is NOT being maintained by the Richmond road office.

      All these office code are for PF accounts in Bangalore MRD,PNY,BOM,KRP apart from BNG . So would suggest you inquire about where your PF account is being maintained in your office and then choose a suitable office code ..

      I tried now and the SMS was immediate ..but feel if BNG was not proper you must have got a invalid PF number error .. anyway, first be certain about your PF office location and then give it a try .

      PF accounts have been updated upto March 2012 , so SMS would reflect amount in your PF account as of 31st March 2012 ( it is behind by one year .. think that would be done soon )

  3. Hi,

    Appreciate your quick reply and help. My company registered office is at “Marathalli Outer Ring Road,Doddannakhundi Village, Mahadevapura”. and another branch is at Byrasandra Village,C V Raman Nagar. If you can guess then it would be fine else I will do enquiry .

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Gagan,
      Sorry .. not quite sure which PF office it could be , even your annual PF slip also would not mention it … By the way we got our 2011-2012 PF slips last week

      Once you could confirm your PF account number , you can even register for e-Passbook , which is a online passbook for your PF account .. it is the first option on this page for employees

      it could currently be down .. but is working or rather work-In progress feature .. it is really good and upto-date regarding the amount .

    1. Hi Jim,
      Need not be .. it means that PF office’s ONLINE accounts are updated upto 31-03-2012. Try this link and see if you can register and download the E-Passbook .. this must have entries at least up to March 2013. May be in a year time ..PF offices hopefully be completely automated

    1. Hi Ajit,
      I have no reply for you . did you try what was mentioned in the post .. if not give it a try .. else contact your PF office and get the details .. I had written what had worked for me in Bangalore, Karnataka .. I’am not sure what state of automation other PF offices are in the country.

  4. Hi….sir/mem my name is nayazbeig my pf KN/6722/78136 plz I want my pf balance details plz send a msg of me……

    1. Mr. Nayaz .. i just write a Blog .. you would need to go your PF office and get details .. if you are try you can get all the details without any problems from your PF office

    1. Did you try the new PF ePassBook feature .. I’am not sure where you are writing from, but the PF offices in Bangalore have their system kind of online and I find that e-Passbooks updated upto Jan 2014

  5. kindly give me my pf details i, unable to search my details even i entering proper pf no …….my pf no is MH/VASHI/1180561/ plz revert me back ..or suggest me for this issue

  6. Can you please help me to find my pf details for MH/92681/1540. I can not find the details of this number on EPFO website.

  7. Hi Kamath;

    I work for a Maharashtra based company, PF account is with Bandra branch. After putting all my PF details, I got the balance messaged on my phone with the mentioning ” Accounts updated upto 31-03-2011″. Why so?
    Where as on the epf website it had been mentioned that “Data of Bandra offices is available upto 21-06-14”. Why my data is not been updated from last 3 years and how can I request them to provide me the present updated balance?

    Thank You in advance,
    Atul Malik

  8. kindly give me my pf details i, unable to search my details even i entering proper pf no …….my pf no is MH/38491/ plz revert me back ..or suggest me for this issue

  9. Dear Kamath, my old company’s PF number is KN/26308/001004. I am not able to see the PF transfer details in my current statement? How can i check it? Can you please help me?


    1. Get your UAN from employer .. read more details here :

      old company ? how old ? why did not transfer the PF amount to your new company .. you may have to approach the PF office where your old PF was maintained and get the status

      get it transferred .. old unused PF amounts are usually misused

  10. Dear sir/ madam,
    pls send on my mob no.7350015466 my pf a/c status,
    PF A/C No. WBCAL34609/101701

  11. Sir I am working with softage information technology my pef ac is Dl25932/03371 sir I want to sms alart of my pef ac no of my mobile no 8954626233 ,8979484004

  12. Hello,
    In my Salary Slip, the number to be filled in last box is 37 (2 digits). I tried puting it like ‘0037’ and system has accepted the request but I am not getting any sms.

    Kindly help

    1. Hi Bhavna,
      First confirm from your company that , your PF is maintained by govt PF office or your company itself is managing their PF fund , the Last number being just two digit feels strange . In case govt PF is being used , then you better get your UAN ( Unique Account Number ) from your Employer as this is new number that is been introduced by the Govt

      Read more about UAN here :

  13. Hi,
    I have requested for my PF transfer from old employer to new employer. While submitting form online I made a mistake in date of relieving. I mentioned 16/7/2011 whereas it should be 16/7/2014. Will there be problem in amount transfer or entire amount will be transferred. I have provided correct PF no of old employer.

    1. Hi Gopal,
      That must not be a problem . What is the worst that can happen .. your request would get rejected , if that happens just submit another online request

    1. Mr.Ishwar Chandra UPADHYAY,
      Please read my post and comments . You would need to contact your Employer get the p/f universal Number . It is not available to anybody else. Once you get that number from your employer , use it as suggested in the comments of the Post.

  14. I have summited all documents like form 10c & 19 and their received stamp show that its already received on 26/02/2015 and my account no. is BAN 0007576/5090 still pending .kindly release my god

  15. My of no WB/PRB/001660/0000472 My name Pradipa patra MY MOBILE NO 7205613103 pls mereko of balance Jana he pls reply

    1. Mr. Patra,
      Please read my post and comments . You would need to contact your Employer get the p/f universal Number (UAN) . It is not available to anybody else. Once you get that number from your employer , use it as suggested in the comments of the Post.

  16. I have earlier worked with Nisa security agency khar, Mumbai in 2011-2012 during which my PF account is MH/46935/4998. I left the company in july 2012 and submitted PF withdrawal form on 21/09/ 2011 but till date the amount has not been credited in bank, kindly do the needfull and revert ASAP. Thanks&Regards tika [

    1. Mr.Tika,
      You must run to your PF office and see what has happened to your PF transfer , you can also run down to your Nisa security agency and enquire … Think you must do this ASAP considering that you have not done anything about this for the last 3 years … So all the needful that needs to done is at your end .. please do this ASAP

  17. Inform me regarding the status
    Of pf in my a/c here with
    sending my details kn /25273/508 my name is annapoorna it is
    my mobile no is 8970173732

    It is my requst plz send me details in my mobile the presnt status pf account still the date
    It is my requst plz send

    1. Madam.. I’am not a PF office person .. if you need to know the details contact your Employer , Ex-Employer or PF office .. If you have patience to get more information you can read the comments section .. you have and many other have too put comments here without having the patience to read the entire article

      And please do NOT share important information like PF number , phone number so easily on the internet .. they will be misused

    1. Mr. Nanjappa.. I cannot check you PF balance .. Please read the article . you will have to contact your PF office .

      Please read the article and also the last few comments .. you will find a way to know your PF amount

  18. muge pf no.malum nahi hai Jo no. mughe mila that mughe check karne nahi as raha par mobile no. 7415512389 sahi hai Jo no.mila hai 100059205745. 12393 hai jitna kata hai rupya yobhi nahi mila…

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